We strive to improve
children's oral health !


The Goal of MASS Healthy Smiles is to help children who for any reason do not regularly see a dentist. Oral health has been shown to be important for learning and general health. Through education and preventive services we provide, we are determined to build a bridge between children and good dental hygiene.

Things we do to help improve oral health and hygiene:
  • Screen/inspect teeth and gums for disease
  • Clean the surfaces of teeth
  • Apply Fluoride varnish to strengthen teeth
  • Seal rough surfaces of back teeth
  • Provide good oral hygiene training
  • Provide free toothbrush, toothpaste,and floss
  • Provide Dentist office referrals if needed

Importantly :

We provide some relief to busy parents by delivering these services in schools, day care centers, and other secure public facilities!!

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